Sunday, February 19, 2012


Who is a Master Attractor?

A Master Attractor is a person who manifests any two of the following four characteristics.

·      A Master Attractor is a person who draws a large number of fans, admirers, or devotees.

·      A Master Attractor creates new value in the domains of technologies, health and welfare.

·      A Master Attractor is perceived as a spiritual or inspirational source by society.

·      A Master Attractor manifests material abundance through ethical means.

Master Attractors are dynamic. Great attractors are change agents. They know how to act in alignment with the "Law of Attraction".  

Folks sense a great attractor when they see or hear one. Once a name of a person who may be a Master Attractor comes up the audience intuitively identifies this personality as a great attractor. Folks do not need definitions and criteria to recognize a Master Attractor.

In the age of burgeoning social media you can measure the number of fans and devotees attracted to a personality.

Only select celebrities in the field of entertainment are inspirational.  The markets sometimes recognize a Master Attractor but not always, because amassing a fortune is not an “attraction”.

The fourth criterion is weak. The value of any asset is a matter of subjective perceptions and judgment.  Abundance is often difficult to appraise. Ask any realtor about the value of a property or watch how inflation wipes out the value of equities.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


George Beverly Shea is a Master Attractor. 
Bev Shea as he is affectionately known, was born on February 1, 1909. 
Shea is one of the original Team members of Billy Graham Evangelical Association from its early days and a member of Billy Graham’s mastermind alliance. 
George Beverley Shea is a gospel singer whose art and reputation blossomed while singing solo during the crusades.    Bev Shea sang in the second Graham crusade (1947), in the Old Armory in Charlotte NC.  
Shea wrote 500 songs. 
He is a twice Grammy Awards winner.
He is cited in Guinness Book of Records as a singer who sang in person to most people ever.  His life time live audience is estimated at 220 million people.
Shea authored four books and received two honorary doctoral degrees. 
His authorized biography, George Beverly Shea: Tell Me the Story, by Paul Davis was published in 2009.  This book is now a collectors’ item.
Beyond all his humanly achievements, George Bev Shea has attracted good health and longevity.  Today is his 103 birthday.
George Beverly Shea - a legendary Master Attractor.

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