Thursday, September 6, 2012



Here is a bold concept to ponder: The Law of Attraction is selfish.

This is a concept you will want to argue.  You may want to argue for it, or you may want to argue against it.

But argue you will.  You cannot stay neutral.

The Law of Attraction is selfish in that it acts in the manner it acts and by doing so it preserves itself.

You must maintain an open mind to understand the statements above. 

The argument is that the Law of Attraction is selfish.  Whatever the products of the Law of Attraction are – the preponderance of the results are almost always in favor of the initial expected manifestation.   If the manifestation is delayed, it is because the thinker harbored a doubt or was confused while conceiving the desired outcome.  Hence – the Law of Attraction is practically always right.

Since the preponderance of outcomes are in favor of the Law of Attraction manifesting what was asked of it, consequently the Law of Attraction sooner or later ends up in the winning side of a pair of choices - manifest or null.  On the long run folks who think and act in alignment with the Law of Attraction score more “wins” (manifesting their desired objectives) than nulls. 

If persons’ series of manifested objectives are material then they are materially wealthier than the average.  If their manifested objectives are intangible then they are greater and wealthier in wisdom.  When peoples’ desired objective is health and longevity, they learn and find ways and means to attract health and live a longer life span.

The selfish bias of the Law of Attraction is discernible as the winning survivors live longer, co-create more and propagate the Law of Attraction as a by-product during their productive lifetime.  Compelling evidence is demonstrated in the lives of the teachers of the Law of Attraction, some of whom made great fortunes by propagating the persuasive awareness of the Law of Attraction.

This self-preserving nature of the Law of Attraction explains why it was noted by people three millennia ago.

Once you feel in agreement with the explanation above you will also realize how the Law of Attraction is selfishly self-preserving by favoring those folks who live in alignment with its framework. 

Importantly, the Law of Attraction provides evolutionary advantage to those persons who innately understood how to benefit from it.

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