Sunday, October 23, 2011


You never know that you can in fact attract good health until you get sick and recover.

I took my flu shot vaccine last Wednesday. 

One of my Facebook friends B.R., gave it to me.   A shot in the arm.  It didn’t even sting.  Then she placed a band aid. 

Last year I had a nasty bout of flu – late in the season.  I caught it on board of an airplane, during one of those airline flights.  It was a NASTY flu. 
I thought I am going to die attached to a respirator in a white walled cubicle called ICU.   I was one of those zombies.

Then I swore to myself – no more.  No more flu !

Now I am a convert, I learned this simpler trick on how to attract good health and got this flu shot vaccine. 

Little note from the government: If you are younger than 6 months… or have an allergy to chicken egg… or running a temperature right now… (or had a disease named after two French doctors - Guillian and Barre)  -  avoid it until you clarify your health issues with a medical doctor.

But chances are that you are none of the above.  So go get’em tiger.