Thursday, December 29, 2011


My last post on this blog was about Tim Tebow as a growing master attractor. 
While writing this post I was puzzled by the quick pace with which he attracted over 200 K fans (“subscribers”) on Facebook in 3-4 weeks.   I considered it as a numerical (“metric”) proof that he is a Master Attractor.
Today I saw the front page of Sports Illustrated weekly magazine.  On December 19, 2011 it had Tim Tebow on the front cover.  The caption reads: “Tim Tebow Amazing, Incredible, Phenomenal, Incomprehensible, Mind-Blowing, Unbelievable…”  I think that Sports Illustrated over did itself.  In my opinion those are unconvincing unjustified superlatives and adjective.   
Nonetheless, SI has traction power over its readers...  SI is alleged to have 3.5 million paid subscribers and some 23 million readers.  May be.   When SI places somebody on the “throne”, of the front page, that person, justifiably or not, becomes a Master Attractor.  That master attractor becomes an influence on public opinion and the markets with a life of its own, independently of the SI magazine future opinions. 
Here is another observation.
Sports Illustrated is a magazine that is owned by Time Warner – the same owner of Time magazine.   As history has it, in 1954 Henry Luce the owner of Time magazine placed Reverend Billy Graham on the front cover of Time magazine.  That front-page issue propelled Billy Graham’s crusades into further international prominence.  The rest is history.

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It so happens that the NFL corporation/organization launched this month a new magazine titled: "NFL Magazine".
On the front cover of NFL Magazine,  Issue 1, Volume 1, December 2011 is: Tim Tebow.    
The greatest lesson they taught me medical school was :
"Success is it's own justification."

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Tim Tebow is the Quarter Back player for the Denver Broncos.  He is an evolving master attractor.
How does that happen?
Tebow started to play for the Denver Broncos in 2010 as a rookie QB and became their full-time starting QB in 2011.  As he began playing regularly the team started to win while he was on the on the field.  
His style and skills are described as unusual.  He inspires and encourages his teammates.   He prays openly on the field. 
The media gives him unprecedented attention.  Major newspapers reported about his play style, the leadership demeanor on the field and his successes.  Reuters reported on him, “Tebow, the unorthodox, college-style quarterback whose very public displays of religiosity have polarized opinion and whose technique led many critics to write him off as a pro, has simply been the story of the 2011 NFL season so far.”
Tebow was born in 1987 to religious parents serving as missionaries abroad.  During his pregnancy his mother experienced severe complications from infection.  It was expected to terminate as a stillbirth.  Nonetheless, Tim was born alive and well.   In 2007 Tebow was awarded the Heisman Trophy.   
Tebow starts every play with – a prayer to win.  Tebow kneels and prays on the field in clear sight of thousands of spectators and TV cameras after the game ends.   
Apparently Tebow’s prayers are often answered.   The Broncos experienced a string of uninterrupted wins.   Lately they experienced losses too.
At present Tebow attracted the admiration of over 1.2 million fans (“subscribers” on Facebook).   He published an autobiography “Through My Eyes” and serves as a spokesperson to companies.  
Knowingly or not, Tebow is attracting wins and victories through living in alignment with the Law of Attraction.  Tebow was not heard yet or known to be critical of anyone during a game loss.  Even when Tebow and his team lose a game he still remains a momentous growing Master Attractor. 
Here is how Tebow is becoming a master attractor.  As explained in chapter one of “The vision of HabakkuK. The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible”, Tebow by his prayer utilizes the tool - Ask, Believe, Receive.
Tebow asks (prays) for a win.  He fervently believes that his team will win.   And the team is ready to receive their win.  The Ask, Believe, Receive tool seems to be more powerful when it is practiced in public before thousands of spectators’ eye witnesses. 
Tebow came to be the source of a new verb - Tebowing.  This verb means to get on a knee and start praying even if everyone else around is doing something completely different.
Thus Tebow attracts winnings, success, and fame with material endorsement contracts.  In the process he is a source of inspiration to all around him.  

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Friday, December 23, 2011


The Reverend Billy Graham is the greatest Master Attractor of our life-time.
How is that?
He is the greatest public speaker of our life time.  His organization Billy Graham Evangelistic Association claims that he spoke in front of some 185 million people world-wide.  Even if the BGEA overstates, and he spoke in front of only 100 million people, it still leaves Billy Graham as the most compelling public speaker of our lifetime.  
Billy Graham met with twelve U.S. presidents since Harry Truman.  He was the guest of foreign kings, queens and prime ministers.   
Why is that? 
Politicians recognized his charismatic persona and magnetic effect on their people.  He moved crowds in most countries on the globe.  He moved the crowds better than they did.  So, any nod from him potentially affected voters.  His presence calmed social unrest or conferred perceived approval on autocratic regimes. 
Billy Graham utilizes every media channel available to promote his message.  He has a singular focused message – spread the Gospel.  This is clarity of purpose. 
His organization uses the print press, the radio, television, film and the internet media.  
And why not?  Billy Graham is quoted to say:

“I am selling the greatest product in the world.
Why shouldn’t it be promoted as well as soap?”
The Reverend Billy Graham wrote and published 29 books.   Books promote a message.  Ask every aspiring politician or clergyman.  
None of that is coincidental.  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is stirred by a master-mind alliance, known as The Team. 
The BGEA works with a full time public relations agency (- A. Larry Ross Communications).  It has been doing it for about three decades or more in order to spread the evangelistic message. 
The Law of Attraction operates by inclusion.  Billy Graham has a non-discriminatory message of unconditional acceptance: “Come as you are.”  
This happens to be a paraphrase of the title of his autobiography: “Just As I Am.” 

For these reasons I consider Billy Graham as the greatest Master Attractor of our life-time.  Better yet he is probably the single greatest Master Attractor since Paul of Tarsus.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Who is a Master Attractor?
A Master Attractor is a person who manifests any two of the following four characteristics.
o   A Master Attractor is a person who draws a large number of fans, admirers, or devotees.
o   A Master Attractor creates new value in the domains of technologies, or enhances people’s health and welfare.
o   A Master Attractor is perceived as a spiritual or inspirational source in society.
o   A master Attractor manifests material abundance by ethical means. 

Master Attractors are dynamic.  Great attractors are change agents.  They know how to act in alignment with the "Law of Attraction".  Folks sense a great attractor when they see or hear one.  Once a name of a person who may be a Master Attractor comes up the audience identifies intuitively this personality as a great attractor.  Folks do not need definitions and criteria to recognize a Master Attractor. 
In the age of burgeoning social media you can get a literal measure the number of fans and devotees attracted to a personality.   Only select celebrities in the field of entertainment are inspirational.  The markets may sometimes recognize a Master Attractor.
The fourth criterion is weak.  The value of any asset is only a matter of subjective perceptions.  Abundance is difficult to appraise.  Ask any realtor about the value of a property or watch how inflation wipes out the value of equities.    

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Robert K. Merton (1910-2003) joined Columbia University in 1941.  He became there a University Professor and later a Special Service Professor at the Department of Sociology.  He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1962 and a Mac Arthur Fellowship in 1983.  In 1994 he was awarded the U.S. National Medal of Science for his life work.  Professor Merton received 20 honorary doctoral degrees for his pioneering contributions. 
Robert K. Merton a pioneer in the social sciences and social psychology contributed among other things to the understanding of what is publicly known today as the Law of Attraction and the mechanisms of the human mind and human thought processes that promote the transformation of thought into reality. 
Professor Merton made three contributions that help us understand the Law of attraction.
·        He created and defined the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy.  Self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to manifest as true by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to feedback between the belief and the person’s behavior.  (1968).
·        While working for the U.S. Bureau for Applied Social Research he introduced the instrument of the Focus Group into research, marketing and advertisement.  The focus group is a modification variant of a similar concept known as the master-mind alliance.  In a focus group the participants are asked for their frank opinion, perception, or feelings towards a given idea, goal, product or service. 
·        Professor Robert K. Merton book The Travels and Adventures of Serendipity was published posthumously in 2004 by Princeton University Press.  This is the only authoritative text on the phenomenon of Serendipity.  Every curious scholar and practitioner of the Law of Attraction is aways expectant of manifesting via the good fortunes of serendipity.
Robert K. Merton intuitively observed the Key Concepts and framework of the Law of Attraction as it is popularly called today.  He used those concepts in his original research, writings and applied scientific observations and theories.
His son Robert C. Merton is 1997 Laureate of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


You never know that you can in fact attract good health until you get sick and recover.

I took my flu shot vaccine last Wednesday. 

One of my Facebook friends B.R., gave it to me.   A shot in the arm.  It didn’t even sting.  Then she placed a band aid. 

Last year I had a nasty bout of flu – late in the season.  I caught it on board of an airplane, during one of those airline flights.  It was a NASTY flu. 
I thought I am going to die attached to a respirator in a white walled cubicle called ICU.   I was one of those zombies.

Then I swore to myself – no more.  No more flu !

Now I am a convert, I learned this simpler trick on how to attract good health and got this flu shot vaccine. 

Little note from the government: If you are younger than 6 months… or have an allergy to chicken egg… or running a temperature right now… (or had a disease named after two French doctors - Guillian and Barre)  -  avoid it until you clarify your health issues with a medical doctor.

But chances are that you are none of the above.  So go get’em tiger.

Sunday, September 18, 2011



Did you ever wish to wave a magic wand and get your wish manifested?

If you did…  If you did wish to have a magic wand - you now have one.

According to the Bible you have a magic wand.  Be sure that before you use it you will think twice.  Think if you really want what you wish because you are going to get what you want.

Whatever you wish in life - you get. 

Whatever you ask for - you receive.  The common reason you haven’t yet received  what you want is – the mixed feeling you have - you harbor doubts about deserving it.  Whenever you use the word “but” while you think about your wish, the Law of Attraction shifts into a slow gear.  Its activity slows.

When you clearly know what you want and don’t wish at the same time the opposite – you will get what you want. 

Ask and receive is the essence of the Law of Attraction.  

So simple.

The three most powerful verses in the Bible are:

·        “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:” (Prov. 23: 7).

·        “Thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee:” (Job 22: 28).

·         “For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.” (Prov. 23:18).

Caution:  your request is often – irrevocable:

The outcome of the Law of Attraction is guaranteed by the Holy Bible. 

Powerful stuff, isn’t it?

Now, what do you really wish for yourself? 
Whatever that you wish – be sure to attract to yourself only the best!

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Welcome to my blog.

The main theme of this blog is reporting on findings of Key Concepts of the Law of Attraction in… the Holy Bible.  We shall also make comments about the Law of Attraction (LOA), and how to act in alignment with it. 

Some years ago I noticed that there are elements of the LOA in certain verses of the Bible.   At the time I harbored some doubts about this LOA thing…   But when I heard the famous quote from Proverb: “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” (Prov. 32:7), I grudgingly admitted to myself that if the bible says so there may be some truth in it.  Meaning - may be there is truth in the LOA…  See I don’t argue with statements made in the bible.  I just use the bible as a reference source to the western civilization.

Time went by and I gradually uncovered piles of evidence in both the New Testament and the Old Testament (a.k.a. the Hebrew Bible).

In 2010 I published a small hard-cover book titled: “The Vision of HabakkuK. The law of Attraction in the Holy Bible”.   (   By  publication time I realized with certainty two things:

First, LOA was a behavioral phenomenon among the human race thousands of years before the biblical era.

Second, all the famous biblical heroes, kings and prophets used the Law of Attraction, either knowingly or intuitively to manifest their great works.  

In my book I recounted biblical and contemporary episodes of the LOA.  I recounted various stories from Moses to Jesus.  Yet I knew full well that there are many more masters of the LOA that I bypassed.  I ignored the story of Job who went from disasters to riches.  I omitted the greatest Master Attractor ever – Paul of Tarsus – who is in my opinion the greatest marketer that ever lived.

Analysis of the stories of each biblical master of the LOA left me with a deeper understanding of the mechanism of action of the LOA and its Key Concepts.  As such I became the immediate beneficiary of my investigations into the Law of Attraction.  My findings in turn percolated into the awareness and perceptions of folks living around me.  When you understand the key Concepts of the LOA – manifesting (i.e., getting things done) - becomes smooth, easy and accelerated. 

As a result a second book I wrote is now in the completion stage.  It is my intention to periodically report in this blog my findings and commentary about the LOA and the LOA in reference to the Holy Bible.

You are invited to make comments or ask questions as you wish on any matter I bring up in this blog.

© Dr. Mandy Lender, 2011