Thursday, December 29, 2011


My last post on this blog was about Tim Tebow as a growing master attractor. 
While writing this post I was puzzled by the quick pace with which he attracted over 200 K fans (“subscribers”) on Facebook in 3-4 weeks.   I considered it as a numerical (“metric”) proof that he is a Master Attractor.
Today I saw the front page of Sports Illustrated weekly magazine.  On December 19, 2011 it had Tim Tebow on the front cover.  The caption reads: “Tim Tebow Amazing, Incredible, Phenomenal, Incomprehensible, Mind-Blowing, Unbelievable…”  I think that Sports Illustrated over did itself.  In my opinion those are unconvincing unjustified superlatives and adjective.   
Nonetheless, SI has traction power over its readers...  SI is alleged to have 3.5 million paid subscribers and some 23 million readers.  May be.   When SI places somebody on the “throne”, of the front page, that person, justifiably or not, becomes a Master Attractor.  That master attractor becomes an influence on public opinion and the markets with a life of its own, independently of the SI magazine future opinions. 
Here is another observation.
Sports Illustrated is a magazine that is owned by Time Warner – the same owner of Time magazine.   As history has it, in 1954 Henry Luce the owner of Time magazine placed Reverend Billy Graham on the front cover of Time magazine.  That front-page issue propelled Billy Graham’s crusades into further international prominence.  The rest is history.

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It so happens that the NFL corporation/organization launched this month a new magazine titled: "NFL Magazine".
On the front cover of NFL Magazine,  Issue 1, Volume 1, December 2011 is: Tim Tebow.    
The greatest lesson they taught me medical school was :
"Success is it's own justification."

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