Friday, December 23, 2011


The Reverend Billy Graham is the greatest Master Attractor of our life-time.
How is that?
He is the greatest public speaker of our life time.  His organization Billy Graham Evangelistic Association claims that he spoke in front of some 185 million people world-wide.  Even if the BGEA overstates, and he spoke in front of only 100 million people, it still leaves Billy Graham as the most compelling public speaker of our lifetime.  
Billy Graham met with twelve U.S. presidents since Harry Truman.  He was the guest of foreign kings, queens and prime ministers.   
Why is that? 
Politicians recognized his charismatic persona and magnetic effect on their people.  He moved crowds in most countries on the globe.  He moved the crowds better than they did.  So, any nod from him potentially affected voters.  His presence calmed social unrest or conferred perceived approval on autocratic regimes. 
Billy Graham utilizes every media channel available to promote his message.  He has a singular focused message – spread the Gospel.  This is clarity of purpose. 
His organization uses the print press, the radio, television, film and the internet media.  
And why not?  Billy Graham is quoted to say:

“I am selling the greatest product in the world.
Why shouldn’t it be promoted as well as soap?”
The Reverend Billy Graham wrote and published 29 books.   Books promote a message.  Ask every aspiring politician or clergyman.  
None of that is coincidental.  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is stirred by a master-mind alliance, known as The Team. 
The BGEA works with a full time public relations agency (- A. Larry Ross Communications).  It has been doing it for about three decades or more in order to spread the evangelistic message. 
The Law of Attraction operates by inclusion.  Billy Graham has a non-discriminatory message of unconditional acceptance: “Come as you are.”  
This happens to be a paraphrase of the title of his autobiography: “Just As I Am.” 

For these reasons I consider Billy Graham as the greatest Master Attractor of our life-time.  Better yet he is probably the single greatest Master Attractor since Paul of Tarsus.

© 2011-2012 Mandy Lender MD

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