Sunday, October 7, 2012


Three predicates to remember about the Law of Attraction.

First - the Law of Attraction is involuntary and incessantly creating. 
It happens all the time in the human mind.  We humans always think; one way or another, good or bad, consciously or unconsciously, while we are awake or during our sleep.  We make ceaseless mental selections for good or for bad that manifest in our lives.

Second - the Law of attraction creates and manifests in our reality with minimal time delays. 
If there seems to be a time gap from mental conception to empiric manifestation, it is caused by our mental doubts and disbeliefs.  Quoting William Shakespeare: “Our doubts are traitors that make lose the good we are fearing to attempt.”  Take note that the concept of delay is a relative time-concept.  It is a matter of human perception of time.  A delay of 100 years is a tiny blip in the chronology of our green and blue planet Earth, or in the chronology of the universe.

Third - the process of creation and manifestation is effortless. 
Indeed in theory it is effortless.  If manifestation comes about with difficulties and efforts it is because we hold antagonistic thoughts and doubts towards the goal, the intent or the outcome.  The doubts and mixed feelings exert the slowing brakes on the process of attraction of the components that are required for manifestation.


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