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Organizational and corporate approach to goal setting and goal achievement is straight forward.  Goal setting and achievement is taught as a technical skill class to high-school seniors or freshman year in college.  Leadership within the structure of any organizational team requires familiarity with the framework of goal-setting and achievement mechanics.

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The common element in the practices of goal-setting and achievement consists first of a definition of what is a goal – a specific objective to be achieved and its associated plan outlining the actions steps required to achieve the goal. 

Classically the defined goal must be:
specific, measurable, realistic and action-oriented, it is time-bounded. 
In the corporate world, the goal must be written and shared with a team or with a supervisory level in the case of an individual goal pertaining to personal productivity.  When the goal involves a team it is shared with the team. Planning the goal achievement process involves the entire team if appropriate. 

Strategies to manifest results and achieve the goal are ideally a product of a consensus agreement of the team. Responsibilities are shared among team members.  The progress towards the goal achievement is reviewed periodically.

If this description sounds to you linear and mechanistic – you are right.  It is typical for the western philosophy to view the world in straight Euclidian geometric lines.

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But wait.  There is a vast universe outside the corporate world.  There is society besides western civilization.  Intelligent people in all societies who achieve big goals are aware that goal-setting and goal achieving is not linear and rigid as described.  Some paths to achievement are circular or elliptical.   

Goals, all goals, materialize through spiritual channels.  Anything that is spiritual is not necessarily a straight line.  Consider this saying: 

“Thoughts are like boomerangs, returning with precision to their source.
Choose wisely which ones you throw.” 

Thoughts move around in circles or ellipses.  Every completed cycle returns to the sender after undergoing some “processing”, or some remodeling.  The thought that returns is reshaped and “refitted”.  

As a thinker you do not need to do anything physical, except observe your new and improved intellectual product.  If you like this new product be ready to receive it.

We call it, Zen Attraction & Manifestation.  

Goal achievement is a gentle Zen like process. 

We call it Zen-like process knowing full well that no one knows for sure what the Zen state is. 

As we explain elsewhere each goal is conceived first in the mind.  A goal is a thought.  A goal has a thought at its inception.  A thought is spiritual, and everything spiritual has a way of materializing.

The Law of Attraction is always creating.  It does not need committees, nor does it obey management’s deadlines.  Once you wrote down a goal the Law of Attraction starts to assemble and match the required components for completion and final manifestation of the objective.  The Law of Attraction processes are ceaseless.  The Law of Attraction does not go on a holiday vacation.

The process of manifestation can be effortless if you do not stand on the way of manifestation.  The universe is infinitely rich in resources and the universe does not need human assistance in manifesting. 

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Time to manifestation, or a “deadline”, is not subject to managements’ directives because time is relative.  People and governments change their time to fit their convenience.  They call the time they set standard time or change the digit on the clock and call it day light savings’ time.  Big corporations notoriously miss their production deadline.

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Here is what you and your team can do to achieve a goal.

Decide among yourself what the goal is, as clearly as you can.  Do not change your mind about your goal in the midst of the process.

Determine approximately what supportive resources you will need to materialize – achieve - your goal.

Anticipate receiving of your resources from any supplier, expected or not.

Watch how the goal is manifested.  Be ready to accept it!  If your help is necessary you will be told.

Try it for yourself – test the Law of Attraction.

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