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Here is a quote attributed to Lao Tsu:

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

This sagacious advice by the wise Lao Tsu aligns with the concept of Transcendental Serendipity.

Transcendental Serendipity.    What is this high state of perception?  This refers to a state of being where happy coincidences and fortunate discoveries become commonplace. It's not just luck. It’s about being open to possibilities and aligned with the flow of the universe.

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Here's how the Lao Tsu wisdom aligns with transcendental serendipity:

Lack and Desire.    Lao Tsu, in his Tao Te Ching, emphasizes the concept of "wu wei" (- non-action) and living in harmony with the Tao (- the natural order).

When a person feels a lack, it creates desire, which disrupts this harmony.


Here's how Lao Tsu's quote fits in:

  • ·       I Realize That There's No Lack.   

When I recognized that I already have everything I truly need, the craving for external things diminished. This doesn't mean material possessions are worthless to me, but rather that true fulfillment comes from my inner self - within.


  • ·       The Whole World Belongs to Me.   

In this state of contentment, I became open to the world's possibilities.  I’m not grasping for things.  I appreciate the beauty and the prosperous opportunities around me. This openness allows for serendipitous experiences to unfold for me.


Transcendental Serendipity is not about getting “lucky”.  Elevated Serendipity is about being receptive to abundance. When we are not consumed by lack, we're free to notice the various synchronicities, the unexpected connections, and the helpful people that appear on your path.

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Here's my true to life li’l analogy.  Imagine my cluttered room with many books and journals. It's often hard for me to find anything, and new things just add to the mess. Now, imagine a clean and organized dwelling house (in Feng Shui state as they say).  It will be easy to find what I need, and there's room for new things to come in and be appreciated. 

By letting go of the feeling of lack, I created space in my life for serendipity to expand.


I know.   The exact quote might not be directly from the Tao Te Ching. But, the core message, aligns with Lao Tsu's teachings on contentment and living in accordance with the Tao.

You!  Yes you. Have a nice day as I do.

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